Amber Reimer

I am a seasoned digital product leader leveraging technology, design & human behavior analysis to create better products & solve real world problems.

Approach & Services

Whether managing the end-to-end consumer experience for Target’s Cartwheel, solving for the guest experience for Target’s store of the future, running Design Thinking workshops and creating product roadmaps for Fortune 500 financial companies, or mentoring startups on optimizations for scale -

I love the challenge of simplifying the complex while using design and technology to create efficient and beautiful solutions.

I believe one must consider the entire user experience journey as a part of the product optimization process - not just what’s on a 3”x 5” screen.

I’ve learned that focus is the easiest thing to say, yet the hardest to maintain. As a result, I've become a ruthless prioritizer. I engage and motivate both engineers and creatives alike, focusing the entire team on what matters most for driving the business and maintaining a superior user journey, ensuring your team is developing what really matters when it matters. I’m a student and teacher of human-centered design, with an ardent belief that all product decisions must begin and end with the user. I specialize in the following:

  • Experience Design & Optimization

  • Product Roadmap Development & Evolution

  • North Star & KPI Identification

  • Journey Mapping

  • Product Team Optimization

  • Fractional VP of Product


I’ve identified opportunities, generated new ideas and solved problems at a fintech startup, one of the world’s most beloved retailers, and an innovation lab. Yes, taking Cartwheel’s apps and website from a small idea to over 35 million installs and 15 million monthly active users, and cultivating a stellar team & culture along the way, is the most visible highlight. However, all of the lesser-known experiences along the way, such as the early social commerce web apps, experimenting with group gifting, launching the first mobile gift cards on, and partnering with a myriad of companies (from Google to Facebook, Starbucks to Visa, even the New Orleans Saints!), have provided the breadth required to become the effective product leader that I am today.



Solution Lead
GoKart Labs
2017 to 2018

Director of Product, Cartwheel Guest Experience
Target Corporation
2012 to 2016

Sr. Specialist, Financial Product Design & Development
Target Corporation
2010 to 2011

Director of Product, Store of the Future Apps
Target Corporation
2016 to 2017

Manager, Social Strategy & Experience
Target Corporation
2011 to 2012

Manager, Product Marketing
2006 to 2010



B.A. Communication Studies
South Dakota State University

M.A. Interpersonal Communication
University of Texas at Austin

Certificate in Design Thinking
Minneapolis College of Art & Design



Cartwheel is not only a game-changing product for Target, but it also changed the game in terms of how Target works in the digital product space and Amber is among a very short list of people that have driven this exceptional product... without her, there would be no Cartwheel. Not only has she done great things at Target and on Cartwheel, but she’s easily one of the most sophisticated and astute product managers that we’ve ever encountered in our partner work at Facebook.
— PJ MacGregor, Former Creative Strategist @ Facebook
Amber can come into a situation full of ambiguity and create order. She will gain the respect of the team, from the software engineers to the business leaders. She can work through the full spectrum from Vision/Strategy to Tactics/Execution.... I have watched her deftly handle small startup products and drive very large mature product teams.... In the technology field we talk a lot about 10x developers, (single developers who have the impact of 10) Amber is a 10x leader.
— Elwin Loomis, Digital Evangelist
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